TBSS Metal Credit Card

Fancy metal credit cards only being for those elite holders is now a thing of the past! We offer the ability to have your normal "boring" plastic credit card into a truly one-of-a-kind metal version!


For our Trailblazer SS options, please select our wide selection of options. Please take note of the design orientation. Some will have the chip part of your card at the top, while others horizontal like a normal card. 


Each will be shipped back in a protective box for both your old and new metal card!


Card color options are:


Black - Engraves to Silver

Black - Engraves to Brass (Gold)

Brushed Gold - Engraves to Silver

Brushed Silver - Engraves to White-ish Silver

Blue- Engraves to Silver

Red- Engraves to Silver

Rainbow- Engraves to Silver (Each is unique!)


Opt for an annealing process to turn the engraving from a silver to a blackened tone. This can be done on all except the Black to Brass color.


Upon ordering, we will be reaching out to confirm the details that you would like copied over from your current card. This includes: Name, Card #, Exp Date, Security Code, etc..


TBSS Metal Credit Card

$95.00 Regular Price
$80.75Sale Price