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TBSS Retrofit Kit

Trailblazer SS Retrofit Headlight Kit. This includes all that is needed to do the headlights yourself. This is NOT for a build service. 


Kit includes all needed for a basic install of Morimoto H1 V8.0 projectors and Lamin-X protective film. There are a selection of upgrades as well. This is a DIY setup, you will need to be able to not only take apart the headlights, but also do some dremeling, wirings, and paint if you so choose. 


You will NEED to source your own aftermarket headlights. The OEM units need to be cut open while the aftermarket can be baked open. (much easier!) 


Kit includes: 


Lamin-X Pre-cut Headlight Film to protect the lenses

Morimoto Mini H1

Gatling Gun Shroud - Chrome or Black

Morimoto Elite H1 HID System w/relay harness & anti-flicker

Mini H1 MotoHo1ders

Headlight Sealant

Quad mod w/fog (required for projectors to work correctly. 


Halos will include wire for install, wire color will be black or chrome depending on shroud color

TBSS Retrofit Kit

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