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Custom Laser Engraved
Metal Credit Cards

We encourage you to check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page

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After you place your order, you will receive an email from us explaining the next steps. This includes a questionnaire sheet to include with your card. Please be sure to complete it completely. 

Your Security & Privacy: The process for transitioning your card is taken with the up most security and privacy in mind. We do not save any information during the cloning process and use tools/software that are network air gapped. (Tools do not have access to the internet at all). Your swipe information will be cloned to the new card (Old->New directly) and the EMV chip will be physically moved from the old card to the new.

If the EMV chip on your card happens to match

any seen here on the right ->

We unfortunately can not convert it

to a metal card

EMV Chips.jpg

EMV Chip: The transplantation of your EMV chip from plastic to metal is taken with the upmost care. The chips themselves are delicate and if your card is older, does run the risk of the chip becoming "unable to read chip". In our testing, this error does have

a low occurrence rate but is still something we want to inform you of. Should this occur during use, the card reader will then

prompt you to swipe the card to complete the transaction.

What to do once ordered: For an additional layer of security, we recommend that you Freeze/Lock/Disable your credit card prior to sending it. Do not report it missing since this will cause the numbers to be locked out forever and the transition to not work. You can also request a new card from your financial institution and prior to activating it, send it in to ensure a more distant expiration date. You can also opt to send us a Reloadable/Prepaid card which you can then use/reload as needed.

ATM Use? We do NOT recommend using your card in readers that require the card to be fully inserted or "eaten". The thickness and weight of the cards, the cards can be too much for the internal rollers to be able to eject it properly. If you happen to lose your card, please contact your bank immediately just like a normal card.

Apple Card? Tap to Pay? We can NOT work with cards that are already metal. Their construction does not allow us to transfer the EMV chip. "Tap to Pay" feature will NOT be retained. The embedded RFID chip in the card does not allow it to be transferred. The metal cards can only be used for swiping or inserting for the chip reader. Your original card will still work for Tap to Pay as well as swiping; but will no longer have the EMV chip.

Card expiring soon? What do I do when card expires? If your card is going to expire soon, we recommend reaching out to your financial institution to be issued a new card. This will give you the longest use for your card’s life. When your card does expire, it will stop working just like any other card. We can update the card in 1 of 2 ways. You can mail the metal card back to us with your new card, and we can laser on any new information, usually just a new Exp. date and CCV. We will cross out the old information. The 2nd is to have a new card made. Both of these options carry a discounted rate.

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