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3D Topographic Map

Local Topography Maps! These tiles are a 3D printed representation of an area of your choosing. Love a certain mountain range? Favorite sea side cliff? or your own backyard, we'd love to make it! 


These are printed in white to help ensure the best expression of detail. Also can opt for a colored frame layer to circumvent the tile.


Frame Color Options - White, Black, Light Green, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange


Each tile is 4x4 and will vary in thickness to follow the contours of the terrain. We will do our best to best capture the landscape for you. Some areas do not print well but we will be sure to reach out prior to printing to confirm any details.


These are 3D printed in house and made to order. These take several hours to create so please factor in a day or two for order processing. 

3D Topographic Map

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