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Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge (CN Model)

** Starting Jan 2023, All gauge orders shipped from us will include a pair of back bars to aid with installation. Check out more details on those on their product page here -

As of Feb 2019, these units ship with the new 3.8.3 firmware. This removes the Bar Graph display and replaces it with the new 4 parameter display. Below is the updated instructions for the gauge and how to switch modes. If you already have an Aeroforce gauge, you can have it updated by sending it into Aeroforce directly. This update has also removed several of the boot screen logos. The "SS" logo is no longer available.


We are proud to be a dealer for Aeroforce Technologies. This brings the very popular Aeroforce Interceptor gauge into our Trailblazer SS product line. These gauges plug into your OBD port for both power and communication with the vechiles ECM. No additional wiring or tapping is needed for the standard gauge. If you wish to add on modules, then addditional wiring will be needed but is included with the modules.


 *If your gauge does not power, check your DC outlet fuses, the OBD port is on the same circut | Do NOT jump start your vehicle with an Aeroforce connected, it can cause damage*


Each gauge is ordered for you and comes with a FREE Matte black overlay to a clean faceplate apperance and a "SS" Decal of your color choice. The gauge will come with the color screen of your choice, and a black ring with machined lip.


TBSS Aeroforce  angled dash mounts This mount will replace your SS Dash plug (or to fill the void of a missing one) and create a firm mounting area for your Aeroforce gauge. Mount is angled so that the gauge better faces the driver. 


Install video - Click here


These are 3D printed with ASA material. ASA material is very strong and UV resistant. Will not deform or discolor with use.


** There is a small notch on the bottom which indicates the bottom, this must be oriented down when installing. **

Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge (CN Model)

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