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Dewalt 20v Battery Adapter

3D Printed Dewalt 20v Battery Adapter. These are designed in clip into your 20v battery just like a tool and provide a single pair fo +/- wire ends. Adapters have 2 holes to allow for mounting. This is not seen in our older version (Photo of the Adapter with the battery)


** It is important to take note of your battery charge level. There is no intelligence to this setup and is possible to run the battery level to low. **


Mounts are printed in Black PLA+ material and will hold up strong in an indoor environment. Outside sun/heat can cause the material to soften so if you do mount in say a work van, proceed with caution. We do have alternative options that will hold up long term to outdoor use. Please message us before ordering for a quote for that


These are 3D printed in house and made to order. These take several hours to create so please factor in a day or two for order processing. Each print will also have our logo embossed.

Dewalt 20v Battery Adapter

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