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Foam Dart Stubby Antenna

Bringing our own version of a stubby antenna to life with a render of a classic. Foam darts were part of so many of our lives growing up and now we can always keep one with us. These are printed in house with color swap of ASA so they'll be ready to handle the outdoor elements.


Opt for a Suction or Flat tip; they are printed as one piece and tips are not removable. Each will have a 1/4"-20 thread attached to the bottom so they will easily thread into the female 1/4"-20 on your vehicle.


**DISCLAIMER** These are to be used as antennas only, NOT to be used as a toy. The threaded shaft is permanently mounted and is not meant to be remove. Nor should it be attempted to use the antennas in a blaster for any reason.


The darts are 100% 3D printed plastic with the short stainless steel thread at the bottom. It is VERY likely that you will loose AM/FM reception. If you use XM, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, CD/MP3; you will not hear a difference with this antenna installed. 


*** While ASA is a strong material and we print these to be as tough as they can be, they are still plastic units. Take care with Automatic car-washes, Snow brooms, or any sudden impacts when tending to your vehicle. **


Known to work on:

2009+ Ford F-150/Raptor, 2010+ Ford Super Duty, or Any vehicle that supports a male 1/4" - 20 threaded antenna


These are printed in ASA material. These are 3D printed in house and made to order. These take several hours to create so please factor in a day or two for order processing. 

Foam Dart Stubby Antenna

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