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Ford F-Series Footwell Duct

The 2015-2022 Ford F-Series trucks have a poor design for the driver side footwell "duct" for the HVAC to blow air. The original design has the air blow straight across the pedal area to the outer side of the footwell area.


With this duct unit, it will now direct the air to flow towards the brake and gas pedal to better warm/cool your feet.


Each duct has double sided tape on the backside to help aid in a tight seal to the panel in the footwell area. Remove the protective film, then clip on the top part of the print to the panel; finally press firmly to allow the double sided tape to grip.


These are printed in ASA material. These are 3D printed in house and made to order. These take several hours to create so please factor in a day or two for order processing. Each print will also have our logo embossed.


Thank you Tyler on for producing this model and permitting remixing and commerical use. Original model can be found here.

Ford F-Series Footwell Duct

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