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Milwaukee M18 Battery Adapter

3D Printed Milwaukee M18 Battery Adapter. These were designed in house to hold your M18 batteries securely while allowing you tap into the batteries power for modded Power Wheels or for Nitrous Bottle Heaters. Each mount has a set of spade connectors (with wire leads) that align with the connectors on the battery. ** It is important to take note of your battery charge level. There is no intelligence to this setup and is possible to run the battery level to low. **


The battery locks in just as if it were mounting to a tool. Depress the release tabs on the battery, and it slides right out.  


Each bracket has (4) 5mm holes to allow screws/bolts to be used for mounting to the surface (screws/bolts not included). It is best to mark and pre-drill the holes before final mounting. Without doing so, can cause the arms to slide inward slightly making it difficult to smoothly slide the battery on/off.


Mounts are printed in Black PLA+ material and will hold up strong in an indoor environment. Outside sun/heat can cause the material to soften so if you do mount in say a work van, proceed with caution.


These are 3D printed in house and made to order. These take several hours to create so please factor in a day or two for order processing. Each print will also have our logo laser marked.


Milwaukee M18 Battery Adapter

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