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Novita LM486 Flasher Relay

Novita LM486 Flasher Relay is a direct swap for the factory Trailblazer flasher relay but allows for led bulbs to be used in the marker and brake lights with preventing hyperflash. Without this unit, resistors are needed on each bulb connection to prevent hyperflashing. Use the LM486 for a clean bulb upgrade install!


  • 12 Volt applications
  • LED compatible
  • 10 Terminals
  • 2 Turn / 4 Hazard + Accessories
  • 162 Watt max
  • Cruise control compatible

Novita LM486 Flasher Relay

$65.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
Restock is expected within 1 week (Message Date 2.4.24)
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