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SS5 Lens Yellow Flood Diode Dynamics

Overview. This yellow lens is a direct replacement for the original main lens in your SS5 LED Pod. It can be used to change both the color and output pattern with a quick swap! Made of durable optical-grade polycarbonate each lens comes with an integrated o-ring to maintain a watertight seal.

Colors. SS5 LED pod lenses are available in clear material producing white light or a selective yellow filter. You can change the color of your lights by swapping out the lens but please note that changing colors may not be perfect with these lenses because different LEDs are used depending on the color of light you originally purchased.

If you purchased White pods originally they have 6000K white emitters. Yellow SS5s come with 4000K emitters. If you purchase these replacement yellow lenses and install on a pod that was originally white the result will be a light hyper yellow color as the cool white LEDs shine through the yellow lens. It will not match standard Yellow SS5 pods which are a golden yellow color. If you would like to match the original yellow color we would recommend our yellow covers.

Easy Swap. Changing the main lens in the SS5 takes just a few seconds! Remove the eight torx-head screws from the back frame pull the old lens and o-ring assembly out and put in your new lens which comes with the o-ring preinstalled. Take care not to touch the inner optical surface of your new lens during the swap or wear a pair of gloves to keep things clean. The locating pins ensure correct alignment and rotation. Reinstall the eight screws so they are very hand-tight and you are ready to shine!

  • Yellow replacement lens for SS5 LED Pod
  • Made out of durable polycarbonate with preinstalled o-ring seal
  • Advanced TIR optics provide high efficiency and focus
  • Available in Driving Flood Combo or Spot beam patterns

Included Quantity:

  • One (1)

SS5 Lens Yellow Flood Diode Dynamics

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