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TBSS Cancer Ribbon

TBSS Cancer Awareness Ribbon Outline. Pinks are shown next to black, in order from left to right;



Sizing is in Inches. Size measurement is based on the longest dimension. Will be sized to maintain aspect ratio.

All vinyl is cut from high quality Oracal 651. This is rated for 6 years outdoor life. If used out of the elements, this life span can be increased. Vinyl can be removed with no to very little residue, which is can be removed easily. Vinyl is designed to breath so little air bubbles will evaporate over time.

Carbon fiber vinyl is cut from 3M Di-Noc material. This is the best carbon fiber vinyl out there and offers a 3D textured feel.

Opt in for our decal applicator to make installing your decal even easier!

TBSS Cancer Ribbon