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TBSS DIY Center Vent Pod

Gen4 is out and how better to launch it off than with it being a DIY kit! We have been refining this vent pod design for a number of years now and believe this version is the best of the best. 


This DIY kit allows you to modify your Trailblazer driver vent at home so you can get it back in the truck same day and get to using your vent pod! The mount plate has been designed to snug-fit hold a standard 52mm (2-1/16") gauge. Fin trimming may vary due to gauge bezel size. 


The vent will retain the vertical adjustment but loses left/right. You also retain the factory air flow cut off.


**Please review the videos below for removing the vent for modding and also how to do the mod prior to starting your project.**


* Kit will include the gauge plate. Adhesive for securing the plate is not included. We recommend JB Kwikweld for this process which can be purchased at a local hardware store. *


Vent Pod Plate Install - Click Here


Each plate has been designed in house and is 3D printed on our print farm. The plate is printed in ASA material which is designed to handle the heat/AC as well as UV rays from sunlight. Since most of the plate is hidden once installed, these do not have an option for a Carbon Fiber vinyl wrap like previous versions.

TBSS DIY Center Vent Pod

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